Autumn Cleanse

Autumn is that time of year when we settle back into routine. The heady, carefree days of summer have come to an end as our sunny summer experiences are gathered and stowed in preparation for the winter months ahead. As we transition into the cooler months, nature rids itself of what is no longer needed, trees begin to shed their leaves and Mother Nature encourages the process of letting go, everything in nature has a time and a purpose. The fallen leaves become compost, providing nourishment for the soil. According to eastern medicine, the season of Autumn is connected to the element of metal. Autumn is a time when we really contemplate who we are and what our purpose is. It is the perfect time to let go of the old and focus on replenishing ourselves and realigning with our goals. The metal element connects to our emotions. The process of letting go can often bring up emotions of sadness, grief and insecurity so if you have noticed an emotional change as we transition into Autumn simply acknowledge your feelings and be aware of what may be coming up for you. In Chinese Five Element Theory, the meridians that are associated with Autumn are the Lung (Yin) and Large Intestine (Yang). Autumn is a perfect time to clear out what is no longer needed in your life to allow positive new energy to enter in to nourish your body and your self-esteem.


Try a 5 day Autumn mini cleanse to help to kick start cleansing of your body’s organs and aid the removal of toxins.

  1. Stay away from toxic relationships and environments that you know will lead you astray.
  2. Avoid alcohol.
  3. Avoid packaged and processed foods that are high in artificial chemicals.
  4. Cut out refined white foods such as sugar, white flour, pasta, white rice, noodles, breakfast cereals.
  5. Pre prep food at the beginning of the week to allow you healthier choices during the week ahead. Cook up brown rice or quinoa and roasted veggies so they can be used for quick and easy lunches and dinners.
  6. Include herbs such as coriander and parsley to help liver detoxification.
  7. Always wash fruits and vegetables before eating them to remove pesticide residues. Choose organic where possible.
  8. Try a relaxing bath or massage with essential oils. Oils that may assist with feeling of sadness and grief are lavender, chamomile, frankincense, rose and sandalwood.

Check out my Healthy Eating Tool Kit for more.

 Green Goddess Bowl, perfect for Autumn

Green Goddess Bowl






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