5 Belly fat melting myths

If you have ever wondered why you always seem to be on a diet but the extra weight just isn’t budging or if you constantly find yourself on a never ending cycle of diets and yo – yo dieting I have the answers for you.

The diet industry would love you to believe the diet myths as it keeps you from losing weight. Why do you think it is always the overweight people that are always on diets, eating the diet foods and drinking the skinny lattes? Dieting doesn’t work. Healthy eating does.  If you cut out the processed foods and fizzy drinks and eat fresh produce as close to nature intended you will reach a health body weight. The problem is that we are always looking for a quick fix or miracle cure to weight loss.


5 Belly fat melting myths

  1. Exercise is the key to weight loss
    Many people believe that if they exercise more they will lose weight. I can’t tell you how many times clients say to me I am exercising every day and I am not losing weight. It is not that simple. Unless you are a marathon runner or athlete simply going for a twenty minute daily walk or jog will not shift the extra kilos if you are eating the same food. Exercise is crucial to maintaining our health and mental wellbeing and the more muscle mass we have the higher our metabolic rate but the reality is that the most important thing to focus on when we need to lose weight is our diet. You may be surprised at how much exercise it takes to work off excess energy. That extra glass of wine, handful of chips or piece of birthday cake soon all adds up.

    40 minutes of intense weight lifting = 2 beers
    20 minutes brisk walk = 1 glass of champagne
    45 minutes brisk walk = 1 doughnutpink donutWeight loss comes down to 80% what we eat and 20% how much we exercise. If we change what we eat we will lose weight, it is that simple.

  2. Weigh yourself daily
    Our weight fluctuates daily due to hormones, fluid retention and what we eat (some foods cause us to retain more water than others). If you weigh yourself every day you become a slave to the bathroom scales.  Your weight can easily fluctuate by a good couple of kilos but if you constantly weigh yourself this can send you spiralling out of control and heading for the nearest cookie jar. The scales can give false readings which you can interpret as your healthy eating plan not working. The emotions that can be tied up with what you weigh can lead you into obsessing over weight instead of focussing on healthy eating. Throw the scales away, focus on eating for nutritional gain and the weight will come off. Tune in to your body, you will know when you are losing or gaining weight simply by the way you feel and the way your clothes fit.
    Apple Tap measure
  3. Eat low fat diet foods
    So many diet plans advocate low fat foods for weight loss and even diet food companies promote calorie counting and reduced fat foods as the secret to losing weight. This simply is not true. Diet foods are full of artificial chemicals which play havoc with our hormones and liver (which will also hinder fat loss) plus by removing the fat content from food sugar is often used to replace the taste we lose from the fat. By eating low fat food our bodies misses out on important fat soluble vitamins leaving us malnourished.  Fat helps us to feel full so if we eat low fat foods we feel less satiated and always wanting more. This leads to food cravings, hunger hormone imbalance and binge eating because your body is starving for nutrients. Ditch the processed diet foods and start eating real fresh foods. Fat is not the enemy to weight loss.
  4. Go gluten free
    We read so much in the media about weight loss success simply by removing wheat and gluten from the diet. The best way to lose weight is to remove highly processed and refined carbohydrates from the diet. As wheat and gluten are mainly refined carbohydrates this is why many people lose weight by cutting them out of their diet. Where you can go wrong is by simply swapping regular pasta, bread, biscuits and cakes for gluten free alternatives. Gluten free processed foods are often higher in
    refined carbohydrates and starches than their gluten counterparts so this can be counterproductive for weight loss. Tapioca starch and cornflour for example are highly refined carbohydrates that quickly turn to sugar in the body, a big no no for weight loss.
  5. Eat as much low fat food as you like
    Piling up your plate with healthy low fat foods such as brown rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes can do damage when it comes to weight loss. ‘I am eating all the right foods and doing the right thing but I am still not losing weight’ is often a common concern for weight watchers. The reason for this is that most of us have got our portion sizes all wrong. We live in a society where big is better and we pile our plates high having no concept of recommended daily serving sizes. A standard serving of potato for instance is one small potato yet many of us have way more than this in one serving. If we are eating too large a portion size our bodies will simply store the excess energy as fat.


Check out my portion control guidelines at fionatuck.com to be sure that you are not eating too much.


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  1. says

    Hi Fiona, I love this article and couldn’t agree more.
    I kept my weight even though I didn’t exercise due to an injury for more than a year – food is the key.
    I don’t even own a scale any longer – I use my jeans to check my weight 😉
    Oh yes and all this low-fat & gluten-free stuff… Spooky isn’t it? So disconnected from nature, just image a low-fat avocado 🙂 I’m gluten-free myself and when I started I read the labels and often thought – gosh, I wouldn’t have bought this before, so why should I now…
    At the end it all comes back to eating REAL foods and finding the right balance.

    Great article – well done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to reading more about your perspective of food.

  2. says

    I found your article very informative. I will make the necessary changes mentioned by you and hope to achieve the desired results.

  3. says

    I definitely agree with myth 2! There was a period of time when I became obsessed with weighing myself daily, that drove my crazy when each second I jump onto a scale and there was not any kg loss

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